Monitoring plugin check_es_system 1.3 released

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Following the Elasticsearch cluster issues in our ELK stack (mentioned in the previous article Docker logging with GELF using tcp: The good, the bad, the ugly), I got aware that the monitoring plugin check_es_system didn't correctly alert, when ElasticSearch was down on a node. 

Today's release is a double-release with two independent improvements.

Version 1.2 fixes issue 6 by verifying that the "-t" (checktype) parameter was defined, which is a mandatory parameter.

Version 1.3 fixes issue 8 (Catch connection refused error). This is actually something essential every monitoring plugin which opens a remote connection should do.

The plugin now correctly throws a CRITICAL error, when the connection cannot be established:

# ./ -H -t status -u elastic -p secretpass
ES SYSTEM CRITICAL - Failed to connect to port 9200: Connection refused

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