New version 20100628 of check_esxi_wbem

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I would like to announce the immediate availability of version 20100628 of check_esxi_wbem. This version contains the following features or fixes:

  • Plugin outputs server information
    As we know it from other hardware plugins (like check_hpasm or check_openmanage) the plugin now outputs server information as well (server model, serial number and bios information)

  • Unknown set as default exit code
    The previous default exit code was 'OK'. So if something didn't work correctly, the plugin states 'OK' anyway. This has been fixed.

  • Correct 'Authentication error' message
    Before, just a not very informative 'CRITICAL' error was shown when the authentication to the ESX/ESXi server was not correct. This patch now shows a correct 'Authentication error' message in the Nagios output.
All these patches and implementation of the new features were created by Samir Ibradzic - all credits go to him! Thank you a lot for your contribution.

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