Change call ring duration before forwarding to Combox (Voicemail) for Swisscom and M-Budget Mobile

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I needed to change the number of seconds (or ring duration during) on incoming calls before the call gets redirected to a voice mail, also known as "Combox" in Switzerland. But in the Android call settings there was no such option.  The default of 10 seconds was just too short.

It turns out that you can (or have to) change this setting using a special code you enter in the dial pad.

The following was successfully tested this month (July 2019) with Android phones using the Swiss providers "Swisscom Mobile" and "M-Budget Mobile".

The code looks like this:


Replace [YOURNUMBER] with your phone number starting with 07...and [DURATION] with the number of seconds before the call is forwarded.

So if your phone number is 0791111111 and you want the (maximum) of 30s of ring duration, you would use:


Afterwards a confirmation popup should appear.

Android call forwarding setting changed

Note: For these two providers the possible [DURATION] values are 10, 20 or 30.

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