Using check_win_net_usage monitoring plugin with Windows host running with German language

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The monitoring plugin check_win_net_usage might not work, when the target Windows host is running on a different language than English. Seen today with a test user:

$ ./ -H windowshost -p 12489 -d

Just an empty response was shown. This happened because in the background the plugin uses check_nt to display all the entries with "Network Interface". In a Windows host running on pure German, it won't find any interfaces as they're named "Netzwerkadapter".

Today's new version 20190708 of check_win_net_usage allows setting a language for the target Windows system using a new parameter -l. Currently only -l de is possible. The default remains English (no input necessary).

This will now allow to correctly detect the network interfaces on a German Windows system, too:

$ ./ -H windowshost -p 12489 -d -l de
Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter,Ethernet-Adapter für vmxnet3,isatap.{ECBFEE12-D71F-4271-8D44-06A874E8E013},Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface

The documentation for this new parameter was updated.

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