Monitoring plugin check_es_system 1.8 is out, allows usage of jq json parser

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A new version of check_es_system, a monitoring plugin to monitor Elasticsearch nodes and clusters, is available!

Version 1.8 enhances the plugin with a new parameter -X to define which json parser should be used in the background. The plugin now supports both jshon and jq as parsers. Previously check_es_system required the jshon command. As jq is more widely installed and jshon sometimes difficult to find (especially on SuSE systems), this will allow more distributions to run this plugin.

Many thanks to "NotAProfessionalDeveloper" for his pull request on Github. I also want to thank Juan Mancebo who invested time on a parallel pull request which would replace the jshon command with jq. For reasons of backward compatibility (don't break existing plugin usage) the PR from NotAProfessionalDeveloper was chosen.

On systems where jshon is not installed, the plugin can now be executed with the new -X parameter to select jq as parser:

$ ./ -H -P 9243 -S -t status -u user -p secret -X jq
ES SYSTEM OK - Elasticsearch Cluster is green (1 nodes, 1 data nodes, 2 shards, 16 docs)|total_nodes=1;;;; data_nodes=1;;;; total_shards=2;;;; relocating_shards=0;;;; initializing_shards=0;;;; unassigned_shards=0;;;; docs=16;;;;

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