Flying Cat Part II

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It feels like it's a déjà-vu...
As I wrote EXACTLY one year ago (how crazy is that?!) our cat Lenny fell down from the 3rd floor. The story ended well, just so you know. Meanwhile we have a second cat called Twix and what happens today? Yes, you already know it... this time Twix fell down. Exactly one year after Lenny. One year ago it was pretty easy to catch Lenny as he was sitting shocked on the ground - but not with Twix. He was even more scared than Lenny was a year ago and when he saw me he ran away and was hiding under a balcony.
As if I wouldn't have better things to do in the mornings at 7am I somehow climbed under the balcony, had to approach him in soldier-style moves (on all 4 and pressed to the ground) through several spider nets, ant hills, and itchy plants and then I finally got him, still in shock. But he's alright.
Noting down: Don't let cats out of the window on August 19th's!

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