Bugfix release 1.9.1 of monitoring plugin check_es_system fixes regression in read only check

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A new version of check_es_system, an open source monitoring plugin to monitor Elasticsearch nodes and clusters, is available!

Release 1.9.1 is a bug fix release which fixes a regression introduced in version 1.8.1. The commit in 1.8.1 made it possible to separate between indexes which are set to read_only (likely deliberately set to read_only to archive an index) and read_only_allow_delete (probably automatically set by Elasticsearch itself when disk pressure is happening).

However the number of read_only_allow_delete indexes (in the plugin stored as variable "roadcount") were not showing up in the plugin's output:

./check_es_system.sh -H myescluster -u "user" -p "secret" -t readonly
ES SYSTEM CRITICAL -  0 index(es) found read-only (allow delete) -

Although the plugin returned CRITICAL, the status output showing 0 index(es) found read-only is confusing.

The reason for this is simple: A typo. Instead of using the variable "roadcount", the variable "rocount" (for read_only indexes) was used in the output. Yet in this situation it was Elasticsearch who had put the read_only_allow_delete flag into the index settings. Typo fix and it looks better:

$ ./check_es_system.sh -H myescluster -u "user" -p "secret" -t readonly
ES SYSTEM CRITICAL -  386 index(es) found read-only (allow delete) -

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