A new and multi-author technology blog is online: Announcing Geeker's Digest

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After a couple of weeks of preparation (actually years in thinking) it is time to announce a new technology blog: Geeker's Digest.

Geeker's Digest technology blog

With the growing numbers of visits on my own personal blog (around 4k visits a day) I always wondered what if I had chosen a more generic domain name? And what if multiple authors would be able to publish their own experiences in technology and problem solving? My own name in the domain is somewhat "personal" and in the past years I only let one other author publish a guest article (Magento2 Load Balancer Health Check for AWS ELB).

A catchy name of the blog - and therefore the domain name - is a must if I want this new project to be a success. But whenever I thought of a name, it was either already taken or I lost motivation to go forward with it.

Until the name "Geeker's Digest" (based on Reader's Digest but for Geeks) popped into my mind - while vacuuming. I guess the constant (white-) noise emptied my brain enough to develop some new ideas.

Does this mean my own blog will disappear? No, it won't. There are plenty of articles which better fits here on my personal blog than on Geeker's Digest and vice versa. It took me more than 10 years to write more than 1000 articles and build a credibility, which is nicely confirmed by the growing number of visitors. To just give this up would be the same as abandoning something alive. Something I will never do.

Using Geeker's Digest as name for the new technology blog opens up more possibilities concerning the contents. As a Geek can be a developer, a network guru, a hacker, a gamer, a DYI builder and even more, there are tons of articles which can be shared across a broad range of topics. And it gives the possibility to other fellow bloggers to use a platform not only to publish an article, but also build their own reputation.

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