Monitoring plugin check_rancher2 1.6.0 released: added performance data on single Kubernetes cluster check

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A new version of check_rancher2, an open-source monitoring plugin to monitor Rancher 2 managed Kubernetes clusters, is available!

Release 1.6.0 adds performance data on a single cluster check. You can spot them in the plugin output:

 $ ./ -H -U token-xxxxx -P "secret" -S -t cluster -c c-5f6hk
CHECK_RANCHER2 OK - Cluster mycluster is healthy|'cluster_healthy'=1;;;; 'component_errors'=0;;;; 'cpu'=8231;;;;16000 'memory'=11120148480B;;;;33456439296 'pods'=88;;;;440

Or you can also spot them in your favorite monitoring software. Here in Icingaweb2:

Rancher 2 Kubernetes cluster performance data in Icinga 2

As of this version, performance data includes:

  • Number of component errors (already existed)
  • CPU usage in millicores (and capacity as max value)
  • Memory usage in Bytes (and capacity as max value)
  • Number of pods (and capacity as max value)

Using performance data allows to create graphs. In this example the CPU usage (in millicores):

Rancher 2 Monitoring: CPU used of Kubernetes cluster

Besides the added performance data, version 1.6.0 also contains a bug fix of the "project" check type. In the past versions, a wrong variable was used for status comparison.

These changes were contributed by Steffen Eichler in PR 20. Thanks so much for the open source contribution!

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