Monitoring plugin check_rancher2 1.6.1 released: Bugfix in cluster and project lookup

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A new version of check_rancher2, an open-source monitoring plugin to monitor Rancher 2 managed Kubernetes clusters, is available!

Release 1.6.1 contains a bug fix in the cluster and project check types. When a single cluster (using -c) or project (-p) was given, the plugin checked the Rancher 2 API for errors. When a non-existing cluster or project name was requested, the Rancher 2 API responds with the following error:

{"baseType":"error","code":"NotFound","message":" \"c-qvf7pxxx\" not found","status":404,"type":"error"}

Before 1.6.1, the check_rancher2 plugin simply grepped for "error" to catch this error. However the Rancher 2 API can also contain the string "error" in a normal response, e.g. for special Ingress configurations:

"options": {
    "custom-http-errors": "404,503",
    "use-forwarded-headers": "true"

Release 1.6.1 of the plugin now changes this and looks for the string "NotFound" instead. This applies to both cluster and project checks.

This bug was documented on GitHub in issue #24.

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