Monitoring plugin check_smart 6.12.2 available: Bugfix release

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A new version of check_smart, an open source monitoring plugin to monitor the health of hard drives, solid state drives and NVMe drives, is now available!

Release 6.12.2 is a bugfix release and fixes a bug, when the plugin is used with the -g / --global parameter. When someone forgot to use the mandatory -i / --interface parameter with it, the following error would be shown:

$ sudo ./  -g /dev/sd[a-z]
Use of uninitialized value $opt_d in concatenation (.) or string at ./ line 104.

The plugin should of course detect the missing mandatory interface, in the same way as it does using the -d / --device parameter:

$ sudo ./ -d /dev/sda
must specify an interface for /dev/sda using -i/--interface!

Now with 6.12.2 out, the missing interface is detected in combination with the -g / --global parameter, too:

$ sudo ./ -g "/dev/sd[a-c]"
must specify an interface for /dev/sd[a-c] using -i/--interface!

Thanks to Lorenz Kästle for spotting this bug and creating the pull request!

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