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This is my 150th post on my tech-blog and some users which have used the display ALL posts link, saw the webpage increasing in length enormously. With a few posts that's ok, but displaying 150 full posts on one page is just too much. Therefore I decided to change the ALL parameter to display only the titles of the blog posts in an archive-style.

As I already did this on my 100th post, I will make a quick resume of the visits since my very first post (on May 26th, 2008):

Website statistics May 26 2008 - April 10 2011

From the first post on there were
- 40'566 visitors (+ 25'990 since post 100!)
- 58'801 pageviews (which makes an average of 1.40 pageviews per visit)
- visitors originating from 168 countries

Thanks to all readers/followers for the growing number of visits! This keeps me motivated to continue here!

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