New Nagios plugin: check_win_net_usage

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As previously already mentioned, I was working on a new plugin to monitor Windows network usage/traffic/bandwidth.
Well, actually it is more a wrapper than a plugin because it makes use of check_nt, which itself is already a plugin.

The main purpose of check_win_net_usage is certainly to be able to create graphics where incoming and outgoing network traffic are shown (in one and the same graph).

More details, documentation and download can be found on the page of check_win_net_usage.

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Frank from DE wrote on Jul 30th, 2014:

Hi Claudio,

many thanks so far. I will check this issue and if I find the cause of it I will drop you a message.


ck from Wil, Switzerland wrote on Jul 28th, 2014:

Hello Frank, hmm... i'm sorry but I do not see the problem. Maybe the interface name is wrong, but you would have to verify this on the target Windows system. Also verify the values/field names in the "Performance" GUI.

Frank from DE wrote on Jul 25th, 2014:

Hi Claudio,

thanks for yor reply. The command I use is:
./ -H -p 12489 -i "vmxnet3 Ethernet Adapter"

ck from Switzerland wrote on Jul 23rd, 2014:

Hello Frank. Hmm... unfortunately I currently do not manage Windows systems anymore so I cannot tell for sure. But can you show the arguments you pass to check_win_net_usage (show the command line usage)? Maybe this changed in Win2k8 R2 and it is not called "Bytes Sent/sec" anymore?

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