check_es_store is now check_es_system and also checks memory usage

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When I released the monitoring plugin check_es_store back in June this year, I didn't really think I'd need something else than the disk check.

Yet a couple of days ago we've hit a production downtime which was traced back to our ElasticSearch cluster running in the cloud. The reason: ES ran out of memory and started to run garbage collection (gc) which slowed down ES a great deal. 

Lesson learned. I added a memory usage check in the plugin. Because the plugin now does more than to check the storage (hence store in the name), I renamed the plugin to check_es_system (to check the underlying system). 

In order to launch the disk or mem check, a new parameter (-t for checktype) was added.

Please check out the documentation of the monitoring plugin check_es_system for more information.

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