check_esxi_hardware new with --no-lcd parameter to ignore LCD alerts

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It's been quiet around the monitoring plugin check_esxi_hardware in the past months. Yet there's still (always) room for improvement and whenever I get the chance to it, I will do it. To everyone having sent a feature request or submitted code (as well as PR's on Github): I haven't forgotten about it. 

Well for starters there's a new version out. Version 20170905 adds a new option (--no-lcd). This option groups together different kinds of CIM elements related to Front Panel/LCD Display's and alerts related to them. Previously some of these elements were hard-coded into the "ignore list", but with that group it allows to disable them altogether.

Thanks to Keith B. Erekson for testing the new version and also to DELL community user "LiborKlepac" for the base idea of adding a "--no-lcd" parameter (see Github commit).

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