check_smart v5.8 now supports regex for MegaRaid interface

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Although there haven't been a lot of news about the monitoring plugins I maintain lately, that doesn't mean they're dead.

Today a new version of is ready: v 5.8. The new version allows to use the global parameter (-g/--global) to be used in conjunction with a regular expression on the interface parameter (-i/--interface) for MegaRaid controllers.

A practical example:

$ sudo ./ -g /dev/sda -i megaraid,[8-9]
OK: [/dev/sda] - Device is clean --- [/dev/sda] - Device is clean|

This allows to check the logical drive /dev/sda with the drives megaraid,8 and megaraid,9 to be checked. This is helpful for folks who prefer to run one monitoring check on all drives instead of setting up individual checks per drive.

Credits go to Bobby Jones for the contribution.

Documentation and examples were updated accordingly on the plugin's page: Monitoring Nagios Plugin check_smart SMART Hard Drive Disk Check

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