check_smart 6.6 is out: Multiple drives check using -g parameter now support 3ware and cciss controllers

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Published on November 29th 2019 - Listed in Monitoring Hardware

A new version of the monitoring plugin check_smart, a script to monitor hard drives and solid state drives, is available!

With version 6.6 it is now possible to use the -g / --global parameter with cciss (HP) and 3ware controllers. Prior to this version only megaraid controllers were supported for the multiple drives check.

The output of the plugin was slightly changed when checking multiple drives behind a drive controller (megaraid, 3ware, cciss). Prior to version 6.6 the output would simply indicate the same logical drive for all drives:

# ./ -g /dev/sda -i 'megaraid,[1-3]'
OK: [/dev/sda] - Device is clean --- [/dev/sda] - Device is clean --- [/dev/sda] - Device is clean|

When a drive fails or hits a threshold you may want to immediately see which drive ID (on the controller) is affected, not the logical drive name. The new output:

# ./ -g /dev/sda -i 'megaraid,[1-3]'
OK: [megaraid,1] - Device is clean --- [megaraid,2] - Device is clean --- [megaraid,3] - Device is clean|

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