check_smart monitoring plugin now supports NVMe drives

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A new version of the monitoring plugin check_smart is available!

This new version (6.7.0) is a feature release and adds support for NVMe drives. It is now possible to monitor NVMe drives with check_smart and use performance data on all attributes for historical graphing.

An example on a single NVMe drive:

/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ -d /dev/nvme0 -i nvme
OK: Drive Samsung SSD 970 PRO 512GB S/N XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX: no SMART errors detected. |Temperature=34 Available_Spare=100 Available_Spare_Threshold=10 Percentage_Used=0 Data_Units_Read=2854 Data_Units_Written=107590 Host_Read_Commands=67150 Host_Write_Commands=1406316 Controller_Busy_Time=20 Power_Cycles=16 Power_On_Hours=105 Unsafe_Shutdowns=6 Media_and_Data_Integrity_Errors=0 Error_Information_Log_Entries=0 Warning__Comp._Temperature_Time=0 Critical_Comp._Temperature_Time=0 Temperature_Sensor_1=34 Temperature_Sensor_2=33

And on multiple NVMe drives using the -g parameter:

/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ -g "/dev/nvme[0-9]" -i nvme
OK: [/dev/nvme0] - Device is clean --- [/dev/nvme1] - Device is clean|

The documentation of check_smart has also received an update. Not only concerning the new nvme checks but in general how the plugin works with the different types of SMART output.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in making this possible, including pre-release testing.

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