New release 1.3.0 of monitoring plugin check_rancher2 adds parameter to ignore node status(es)

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A new version of check_rancher2, an open source monitoring plugin to monitor Kubernetes environments managed by Rancher 2, is available!

Release 1.3.0 features an additional parameter -i which can be used to define a list of statuses which should be ignored. 

A typical use case is when some nodes are in maintenance mode and were set to cordoned or drained status. The plugin's node check would have alerted with a CRITICAL alert:

$ ./ -H -U token-xxxxx -P "secret" -S -t node
CHECK_RANCHER2 CRITICAL - node15 in cluster c-dgtzh is drained - node22 in cluster c-gbzhu is drained -|'nodes_total'=34;;;; 'node_errors'=2;;;;

By using the ignore list, the plugin can be told that nodes in either cordoned or drained status should be ignored. The plugin will in this case return OK but will add an additional information about ignored nodes in the output:

$ ./ -H -U token-xxxxx -P "secret" -S -t node -i "cordoned,drained"
CHECK_RANCHER2 OK - All nodes OK - Info: node15 in cluster c-dgtzh is drained but ignored - node22 in cluster c-gbzhu is drained but ignored -|'nodes_total'=34;;;; 'node_errors'=0;;;; 'node_ignored'=2;;;;

The check_rancher2 documentation was adjusted accordingly.

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