New version of check_esxi_hardware available: Two minor fixes

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A new version of check_esxi_hardware, an open source monitoring plugin to monitor the hardware of VMware ESXi servers, is available.

Release 20200710 contains two minor fixes for reported issues on the code repository on GitHub.

Issue 47 reported a potential misunderstanding in the error message, when the plugin was executed without the password parameter (-P or --pass). The error message would show mandatory parameter '--password' is missing - which is obviously wrong. To cope with this, the error text was slightly adjusted, hinting towards the option name and the help/usage.

Issue 48 reported a bug in the file handling of the optional openssl config file when used with the -S or --sslproto parameter (see new parameters to define SSL/TLS protocol article). The temporary openssl config file would be created by the plugin in /tmp but not deleted afterwards. This could cause problems when another user executed the plugin (permission denied on writing the temporary file). The temporary file is now removed after the plugin execution.

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