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Last Update: December 21, 2018

On this page some Nagios plugins, written or maintainted by me, as well as some external plugins, are presented.

Own plugins (written or maintained)


Own extensions, tipps, tweaks....


Highly recommended plugins (besides the official nagios-plugins or monitoring-plugins)

Plugin Description
check_openmanage Check the Dell server hardware by using this plugin in combination with OpenManage (installed on the server). check_openmanage can be used locally on the server (as NRPE check) or get the information from a remote server via SNMP. A must for Dell hardware! Written by Trond Hasle Amundsen.

check_hpasm A plugin to check the hardware of HP servers. Uses HP Insight Agents to query hardware status via SNMP. It's like check_openmanage but for HP servers. Written by Gerhard Lausser.

check_esx by op5 The op5 community created a plugin which can be used for several checks on VMware ESX/ESXi servers (e.g. disk utilization, cpu and memory usage, etc.). It uses the VMware Perl API which needs to be installed on the Nagios server.

snmp plugins manubulon A list of very good plugins for network devices/appliances (Nokia IP, LinkProof, Alteon, Cisco, HP, IronPort, Foundry/Brocade, Checkpoint, Bluecoat, etc). The plugins check the network device by using SNMP.

snmp4nagios A lot of plugins which use SNMP to get informations of mainly network devices. I personally use them to monitor Cisco and Brocade switches.

NSClient++ NSClient++ is a small client to install on a Windows host. It received commands from the Nagios server, then launches several checks on the Windows host (like nrpe) and returns the result to the Nagios server. Very easy installation and a lot of example checks can be found on the website.

check WMI plus Check WMI Plus is a client-less Nagios plugin for checking Windows systems. One can compare it with NSClient++ but as said, on the Windows host there is no need to install a client. It uses the Windows Management Interface (WMI) to check for common services like cpu, disk, services, eventlog, etc. Excellent way to monitor Windows hosts.

check_oracle_health This plugin, written by Gerhard Lausser, checks your Oracle database for fonctionality and usage (Connections, Flash Recovery, Process Usage, Session Usage, Tablespace Fragmentation, Tablespace). It can be executed locally on the Oracle server or also on the Nagios server by using a connect string.


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