Everything bad has to die some day

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Today is a great day!

I can finally announce the death of my personal enemy - no, not the one everybody's talking about today - I'm talking about the HP Blade C7000 Enclosure/Chassis and therefore all HP Blade Servers. 

It is now officially decommissioned, taken out of production, down. Finally a big relief for me! No more this doubtful question "May I reboot the server? Will it come back online again?" or frequent motherboard crashes. No more "BIOS upgrades which then result in DIMM errors and server death". No more backpain! :-))

Over several years I've tried to document my pain this terrorist has caused me:

And here are the last pictures of the wanted dead:

HP Blade Enclusre C7000
HP Blade Enclosure C7000
HP Blade Enclosure C7000

Let's celebrate!

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