PHP: Translations with gettext not working in Apache mod_php but works on command line (caused by mod_perl)

Published on November 17th 2020 - Listed in Apache PHP Linux Coding - 2 comments

Nginx and Apache access logs in Kibana and how to search for request path / (slash)

Published on September 28th 2020 - last updated on September 29th 2020 - Listed in ELK Kibana Nginx Apache Elasticsearch - 0 comments

Apache 2.4 with mpm event freezing up (scoreboard is full) after reload due to bug

Published on April 6th 2020 - Listed in Apache Linux Monitoring - 0 comments

How to detect Ghostcat AJP vulnerability (CVE-2020-1938) in Apache Tomcat

Published on April 2nd 2020 - Listed in Security Tomcat Linux Apache - 0 comments

Letsencrypt certificate not renewed on Apache web server due to https redirect

Published on January 21st 2020 - Listed in Apache SSL TLS Linux - 0 comments

Are there any shellshock attacks (in Apache access logs)?

Published on September 26th 2014 - Listed in Hacks Linux Shell Apache - 1 comments

Nginx in front of Apache: Only default server website is shown

Published on June 18th 2014 - Listed in Linux Internet Nginx Apache - 0 comments

Use Top-Level-Domain (TLD) Wildcard in Apache Virtual Host

Published on October 10th 2013 - Listed in Internet Linux Unix Apache - 0 comments

Use dtrace to analyze Apache process consuming 100% CPU

Published on October 4th 2012 - Listed in Linux Internet Apache - 3 comments

Apache mod comparison: mod_php vs mod_suphp vs mod_fcgid vs mod_fastcgi

Published on December 4th 2011 - last updated on March 22nd 2019 - Listed in Linux PHP Internet Apache - 2 comments

Apache does not start after OTRS upgrade

Published on April 14th 2011 - Listed in Linux Apache - 0 comments

Googlebot and Apache CLOSE_WAIT's: SOLVED!

Published on February 7th 2011 - Listed in Linux Internet Apache - 0 comments

Googlebot freezes Apache and server load increases

Published on February 3rd 2011 - Listed in Linux Internet Apache - 0 comments

Apache segfault on phpinfo after PHP update (eAccelerator)

Published on January 30th 2011 - Listed in PHP Linux Apache - 0 comments

Completely renewed delapacheuserfiles.php

Published on January 7th 2011 - Listed in PHP Apache - 0 comments

HowTo Upgrade Debian etch to lenny (and solve Apache warnings)

Published on March 29th 2010 - Listed in Linux Apache - 0 comments

Argh - already a bugfix for delapacheuserfiles.php

Published on January 18th 2010 - Listed in PHP Apache - 0 comments

How to delete files created by Apache user?

Published on January 16th 2010 - Listed in PHP Apache - 0 comments

Installing Zend Optimizer on PHP 5.2.11 and Apache worker

Published on January 10th 2010 - Listed in PHP Linux Apache - 0 comments

PHP make install on a Debian system with Apache 2

Published on October 13th 2008 - Listed in PHP Linux Shell Apache - 0 comments

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